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About Us

For as long as we can remember, St Louis has been a cornerstone in the tap festival circuit.  Join us this summer at The Show Me Tap Festival as we revive this heritage-rich event!

Here's what we have in store for you at The Fest!

Master Classes

We offer 4 days of classes from some of the finest tap dancers and artists around!   Levels for the festival are INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED/PRE-PRO, with a ONE-DAY BEGINNER PROGRAM.  Classes include Tap Technique, Latin Grooves, Body Percussion, Chords & Scales, Alternate Time Signatures, and more!       CLICK HERE for class schedule.

Tap Legacy Foundation

Attendees can enjoy free access to this exhibit.  There will be physical artifacts as well as a digital archive.  

More info HERE.

Oral History

Join Andrew Nemr, co-founder of the Tap Legacy Foundation, as he talks us through the history of this original American art form.

Tap Jam

Bring all your time steps, tricks, slides, style, and finishing moves.  Jam with the festival faculty and a live percussionist!


With the help of Christopher Erk (The Tap Factor), you'll customize your very own tap board that you can take home.  You'll learn to drum and keep the beat for your fellow dancers.  And put your skills to the test out in the community! 


Our good friend, Matt (from the Dancing Fair in Minneapolis) will have a booth set up in the Festival lobby.   Check out some great products and try your luck in the raffle for a brand new pair of tap shoes!

Choreography Competition

In the evening, join us back in the main ballroom for this event.  Choreography will be adjudicated by a panel of our faculty members.  Top winners from this event will be invited to perform in the closing show on Saturday.   

FREE Parent Tap Class!

Parents of registered participants are welcome to participate in a free master class with some of our faculty.  Shoes provided by InstaTaps.  Showcase what you learned in the closing show on Saturday.  (not required, but highly encouraged!) 

Closing Show

Enjoy a free exhibition of tap dancing and live music featuring the festival's faculty and moSTLy TAP!


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